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Platinum Mail Features Descriptions

POP3, IMAP4, & SMTP Access
Typically, you check your email by coming to this Web site through your browser. If you'd prefer to receive email through Outlook Express, Eudora or other POP-access email clients, this feature makes it possible. It's great for storing your email offline, and SMTP access allows you to send messages from your favorite email client.

Wireless (WAP) Access
What's WAP? It's a new technology that brings Internet content directly to your mobile phone. As a Platinum eXtras! member, you can use your mobile phone, PDA or any wireless device to access your folders and read/move/delete your messages from anywhere in the world.

Account Preservation
Your account will be deemed to be active, even if you do not log in. For as long as you maintain this option, your existing messages will not be deleted and you will continue to receive incoming mail.

Multiple Signatures
The Multiple Signature feature allows you to create and store multiple signatures. When sending a message, all you need to do is select which signature to include.

Unrestricted Email Forwarding
Would you prefer to pick up your email at another email address? No problem. As a Platinum eXtras! member, you can arrange to have your email forwarded to any other email address you choose.

Unlimited Email Rules
Create an unlimited number of rules for your incoming messages to designated mail folders using criteria such as message subject, date, size, priority and attachment.

Unlimited Message Color Coding
The color coding feature allows you to assign colors to an unlimited number of senders. Your assigned color appears next to the sender's message in your inbox.

There is no need to stress about receiving emails while your away on vacation! You can use the Auto-Responder feature to automatically send a message to your senders for you.

Email Scheduling
Email Scheduling lets you decide when you want to send your email. Your email goes out on schedule, and you don't even have to click the 'send' button!

Multiple Identities and Aliases
Tired of logging in to various email accounts to send email? Using Identities, you can send email that looks like it was sent from one of your other email accounts. Aliases, on the other hand, allow you to both send and receive email from an account other than the one you are logged into.

Advanced Virus Protection
Every time you open an email attachment or download a file, you are vulnerable to viruses, Trojan Horses, worms, and other type of data-corrupting code. A Platinum extras! membership comes with an advanced anti-virus protection to shield you from any dangerous files you may encounter.

Advanced SPAM Protection
All our users enjoy world-class anti-Spam and junk mail protection, but our Platinum extras! members get additional levels of protection that help keep unwanted emails out of their accounts.

Attachments Accelerator with Online Zip Compression Tool
Need to send large files very quickly? Then use this unique tool to upload large files in no time.

Large File Sending and Receiving
Enjoy the convenience of sending and receiving large files up to 20 MB with this feature.

Instant Email Translator
Receive an email message and have it translated immediately into one of seven languages.

No advertisements
We display ad banners on our pages to help pay for your email service. If you become a Platinum eXtras! member, we'll remove all ad banners.

No promotional tagline
Every email you send carries a short tagline at the bottom that promotes our service. With your Platinum eXtras! membership, we'll remove it.

Platinum Member Support
Platinum eXtras! members receive email and phone support during business hours.

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