Communicate & Connect Globally
Communicate & Connect Globally
We connect not only people, but also rich cultures.

Imagine being able to communicate instantly and directly with anyone in the world regardless of geographic location or language. That's the power Mail2World brings to you and the other 6 billion people in the world. As the Internet enables people to form global communities, Mail2World enables them to speak clearly and conveniently with each other. That's the next step - what we call True Global Communication™.

  • Write to penpals and new friends from all over the world
  • Communicate with friends and relatives living abroad in their native languages without the need for complex language packages on your PC, Web device or PDA
  • Practice your language skills for personal improvement or better school grades
  • Send email from any computer in the world, regardless of keyboard equipment
  • Assemble multi-national work teams to resolve issues and complete projects
  • Flirt with someone in a romance language like French or Italian.  Our email translation technology allows you to combine your native language with messages in other languages
  • Improve your company's customer service capabilities in today's fiercely competitive global market
  • Automatic built-in email translation is more convenient and faster* than the cut-and-paste online text translation services
Language Pairs Supported:

  • English to/from Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese
  • Spanish to Italian
  • French to German and Italian
  • German to French and Italian
  • Italian to French, German and Spanish
Language Pairs Under Development:
  • English to/from Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Russian, Norwegian, Hungarian, Polish, and Hebrew
  • Russian to German
How to send instant translated email messages:

Because our email translation engine integrates nicely with our composer, all you need to do is type and translate on the fly. Use our rich email composer to send translated email messages along with your original message in three easy steps:
(click here for an illustration)

*The speed of translation is dependent upon the size of the source text. Translation is much faster on smaller text files.

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