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August 2001 - Mail2World introduces business-to-business Pangia product line and launches beta 1.0 version of M2W Calendar/Organizer.

July 2001 - Mail2World adds 143 "skin" designs - graphic element interface enhancements - for the feature launch.

June 2001 - Mail2World adds email filtering functionality and anti-spam protection.

May 2001 - Mail2World acquires Trust-e certification to assure members of privacy issues.

April 2001 - Mail2World website redesign offers prospective members an improved presentation of membership advantages.

March 2001 - Email attachments from unfamiliar sources may contain viruses. Mail2World offers protection with automatic virus scanning.

February 2001 - Mail2World's email Preferences increases number of personalized controls available to members.

December 2000 - Mail2World launches first public website with e-mail translation for six languages.

October 2000 - Mail2World launches a beta version of mail2world.com.

Press Release

Los Angeles, CA, July 26, 2001 - Mail2World Announces the Pangia Product Line for Hosted Web-Based E-Mail and Other Messaging Services

Los Angeles, CA, May 1, 2001 - Mail2World Announces mail2latin.com, a Web-Based E-Mail Service Featuring Instant E-Mail Translation Technology for Spanish- and Portuguese-Speaking Users

- Read this press release in English , Spanish, or Portugese.

Los Angeles, CA, December 20, 2000 - Mail2World Announces Web-based Email Service Allowing Instant Language Translation for Email Messages


Mail2World will appear at shows and conferences throughout the year 2003. Please check here for an up-to-date listing of those appearances.

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