Internet Explorer Cookie Configuration
How to Configure Internet Explorer to Accept Cookies

Step 1: On the Tools menu, select Internet Options.


Step 2: This dialog box will appear. Select the "Security" tab, then click on "Custom Level" as shown below.

When this dialog box appears, click on the SECURITY tab, then select CUSTOM LEVEL as shown below.

Step 3: When this dialog box appears, scroll down to these cookie settings and select your choice:
    • Enable all cookies.
    • Be prompted each time a site tries to give you a cookie, so you can make your decision then whether to accept it or not.
Also, be sure to check "Enable" under "Allow per-session cookies" - it's located just below the other options in the diagram below.

And here are your cookie-management choices.

That's all there is to it!
After your browser is configured to accept cookies, please click here to log-in at Mail2World.